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All About Eyelash Extensions

So for the longest time I was wanting to get eyelash extensions and then without doing my research I went ahead and got them. This was a big mistake!!! I should have checked into a few more people and made sure I was going to a GOOD expansionist as the previous times I went it was horrible. They both hurt so badly and each time I was left with BURNING eyes and lashes that were stuck to each other. Gross.

I decided to give it a third chance and am SO happy I did. This time around I took my time, read reviews and really got to talk with the person before she did my lashes and now I am actually ready to talk about extensions!
First off here they are:
Let me break it down in point form first.
-Makes your eyes pop
-Cuts time out in your morning routine
-Cuts costs for makeup
-IMO they look so good you don’t even have to wear any other makeup. I hardly ever wear eyeliner or shadow during the week!
-Fills only take 1 to 1.5 hours to fill
-There are different lengths, curls and thicknesses to suit your needs
-The first few days after application your eyes will feel a bit sore
-You can’t wash your face as easily, especially your eye area
-There is no way to make your lashes look more natural, so if you need to dress down for a particular occasion you will have to remove the lashes
-They require refills every 2 to 3 weeks
-They can get pricey depending on the type

-If too many lashes in one area fall out it will look weird

So all that being said, this is the longest that I have had them without hating them. The first two times I got really tired of them and removed them after a week. I REALLY like to clean my face well at the end of the night and you can not do that with these. I used to take Q tips or cotton pads and really get to the root of my lashes to clean out any left over make up and dirt, now I can’t get it that clean anymore which is hard for me. Since then I have found ways to clean my face that still gets most of the stuff gone but not all…this is just something that you will have to deal with.

The next thing is the burning, if you end up getting them done by someone who purchases poor quality products you may end up with badly burning eyes like I did. It took forever for the red to go away and it was very painful, so make sure you ask to see their products before they put anything near your eyes.

I found that the first two girls were very stingy on the amount of lashes used and did not apply enough to blend with my lashes. This made my lashes look spidery and cheap. You are paying for a service so make sure they do a good job, if you want more lashes then tell them. Lashes should look full!!! According to my lash tech, the proper application of single lash extensions is one lash per your lash, if they do less than this tell them to give  you more and if they charge more or refuse I would leave. I would also suggest not to leave fills for too long as it tends to look weird once the extensions start falling out.

With all that being said I still think eyelash extensions are such an amazing idea. If you get them done right they will look amazing and I’m sure you wont regret it. They really make your eyes pop and give you a very feminine bombshell look. They also made me feel more confident wearing no makeup at all because they enhance your eyes THAT much.

I get mine filled every two weeks as I find my lashes grow fast and if I wait longer they will look too empty. I also like to brush them in the morning to make sure they are all still straight and not crossing over. Keep in mind that these take some getting used to! They will hurt for the first two days after getting them filled and it will be hard to wash your face until you get used to them. Now I just wash around my eyes instead of all over.

They save me so much time in the morning as I no longer use mascara or eye liner for work days, the lashes on their own are enough to give me the look I want. These are a huge commitment and they are not for everyone so I suggest you really do your research before you get them done!

Here are the answers to the questions I usually get asked:

They do not damage your eyes or lashes as long as you get them done right.

They take about an hour to refill.

You can get shorter ones for those who don’t want such a dramatic look.
You can still get them if you wear contacts, you just need to remove them during application.
You can get them if you wear glasses as well, I would suggest to start out with shorter extensions though as they will hit your glasses.

They can be different colors if you are into that sort of thing.

You can not remove them yourself so you have to go back to get them removed.

Some people offer to get two single lashes on each of your natural lash but this is not safe so please do not do it. The added weight will damage your natural lash. If you are looking for a VERY dramatic look you can get volume lashes which are designed for multiple extensions on one lash. They are thinner and lighter so they don’t weigh down your lash too much.

You can wear mascara if you like but it has to be a specific type. I wouldn’t bother as it will be really hard to remove the makeup and may cause an infection if you do not clean the area properly. The extensions on their own are good enough in most cases.

That is all I can think of right now but if you have any other questions feel free to ask me!

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