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25 Signs That Your Relationship Might Be Over!

How often do we stay in a relationship that we aren’t entirely happy with because we say to ourselves “Things might change”? Maybe this hasn’t happened to you, but I have definitely been there. If I could go back I would have given myself much different advise and not invested my time and heart into a sinking ship. If you think you might be in the same spot then check out my list of signs that might show you need to end your relationship.

1. You’re already looking for other options, you might even be trying to test the waters.

2. You talk about how being in your relationship has made you miss out on events in life, even stupid stuff like wishing you could see what Tinder is all about.

3. You can go thru your whole dinner without saying a word to one another, AND you like it better that way.

4. You find that you have less and less common interests and don’t even try to find new ones.

5. Instead of telling your partner when something funny happens on the way home like you used to do, you now tell a friend instead.

6. Dreading bedtime because you really don’t want to have sex.

7. Things have become habit and it seems that you are just going thru the motions.

8. If you do end up having sex it is fairly more aggressive and you may even be thinking about someone else.

9. You’re texting less frequently, because you genuinely forget to text them during the day, and/or the thought doesn’t really cross your mind.

10. You’re no longer constantly thinking of cool dates to go on, or little ways to surprise them unexpectedly.

11. You’ve started going out of your way to get attention from the opposite sex.

12. You think about how you would break up with them and what it would entail.

13. You find yourself consistently thinking about “the chase” and how much you miss that stage of relationships, you may even be trying to start it with another person.

14. You stop telling them jokes, because they no longer find you funny.

15. You would rather be alone then in the same room as them. Even if it’s just you reading a book and them watching TV…you would rather do it where they aren’t.

16. You haven’t talked about the future or made future plans in a long time.

17. You’ve stopped arguing. Why? Because you really just don’t care anymore.

18. But at the same time, you’ve found yourself getting increasingly pissed off at little, inconsequential things they do, the way you feel when you’ve started to live with a bad roommate for too long.

19. You’ve started to keep things from them. This isn’t because they are bad or harmful, simply because you want to have something for yourself and don’t feel that they need to know every little thing about your life.

20. You’ve started to view their shortcomings more as actual shortcomings than awesome things that made you fall for them.

21. If the chance of a new job, school, or other opportunity comes along that is in another city, you don’t include them in planning for it.

22. When you’re thinking about vacations or weekend getaways, you’re thinking about your friends rather than them.

23. When you are at some of your favourite cafes, restaurants, and parks you start wondering if you will be able to go there with a new person once you leave your current relationship.

24. You could honestly admit that the best part of your relationship isn’t the fact that your in love, or that you actually are thinking about a real future with this person; it’s that you don’t feel the pressure of being at a bar on a weekend night.

25. You cheat.


Just to be clear, theses signs on their own don’t necessarily mean your relationship is doomed, however, if you find that you are seeing more and more of these signs, it might be time!


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